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P.R. / Kitchen Design and Remodeling, AutoCAD Advanced Drafter

"I had never worked with AutoCAD. I have a degree from The School of Visual Arts and I could not find a job after graduation due to a scarcity of jobs in my field.

After completing the Foundations and Advanced AutoCAD + Speed Drafting training with PRO Trainers,
I found a job that is a good match for my skills and got hired based on the CAD portfolio I created after taking the training.

My trainer gave me all the help I needed and patiently worked with me to ensure I could do a great job. He explained how engineers and architects did their work using real-life examples from actual companies, state-of-the-art work done for clients, and taught me how to create professional-quality blueprints.

I was pleasantly surprised to realize that I could do things I never imagined before, and my new skills gave me the confidence and proof I needed to show the employer I was the right match for the job.

I'm the fastest and most advanced AutoCAD designer in my company. I use the multi-unit dynamic blocks, smart fields, automated templates, multi-scaling, fast-dimensioning techniques and other secrets I learned during my training to increase my drawing speed. I highly recommend this training to anyone who needs to learn AutoCAD."

G.Q. Assistant Project Manager,
Yates Restoration Group, Ltd.
AutoCAD Enterprise Manager

"I would like to thank you for your assistance and your patience during our AutoCAD sessions. I have learnt alot and am currently implementing the lessons I learnt with you at work.

You have been very helpful and I would recommend your company to others who need assistance with AutoCAD.

Thank you very much for your help and if further help is needed, we will not hesitate to contact you."

A.S. Full Time Designer, The Barnett Group

I have received the services I needed, from a very capable teacher who has worked with me to get me up to speed in the software I needed to learn. My trainer was very clear and concise, which is especially important for students like me"

T. G. Architect and Specialist 3-D Modeler, AutoCAD, 3DS MAX Professional

"I have had a very positive learning experience. I have been able to learn at my own speed, having all my questions answered as I go"

A.L. Architect and 3-D Designer,
Interior Design specialty
AutoCAD 2D and AutoCAD 3D

"I am very happy with the services I have received, I am receiving training that resolves my needs, only a few weeks of training with you allowed me to apply for the job I wanted"

M.C. Architect and Decorator,
Graduate, Parsons University, NY,

"My Trainer is very professional and he can answer very clearly for all questions that I had. I think I've learned a lot and very quickly in this class"

D.H. Graduate Architect,
England Design Company

"I trained in both CAD and Adobe Illustrator Courses. Both were flexible enough to meet my needs exactly.

A Highly professional training that got me to the point where I can continue on my own"

C.W. Corporation Specialist

To those considering enrolling in a PRO Trainers program, I received classes from the staff of PRO Trainers and I found the course to be informative, concise and it went beyond satisfying my personal needs for the education I needed to quickly and accurately acquire. I did not get a robot for a teacher; I got job-related advice and a personal touch that displayed a concern and a legitimate interest in the field of work I had chosen to pursue.

My particular specialist was determined to help me be able not only to thoroughly understand the material covered in the particular niche I endeavored to learn, but he taught it in a way that focused on retention and application. He was punctual, courteous and flexible, not to mention a great communicator.

It is always nice when someone goes out of their way to make what could be a difficult task into a legitimately pleasurable experience.

I wholeheartedly recommend the services of PRO Trainers to anyone who needs or desires any form of computer training. Thank you for your help, you gave me the skills I needed for the job I wanted to get. Best regards, C. W. New York"

L.T. Software Programmer,
National Basketball Association

"I have received very thorough training in my course and I am satisfied with the quality of the knowledge I have acquired in this course, classes are fun and are what I look forward to receive to unwind and relax during the weekend"

J.H. Design Specialist

"I needed a course with someone who could adapt to my personal goals since I am an experienced professional, and I found what I was looking for"

B.- Advertising Chief Editor, Kosherline

"I discovered that learning was much easier thanI expected, I learned much in a very short time, and I managed to learn all the programs I needed in just a few weeks"

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Live Classroom CBT Annual Pass Register
AutoCAD Fundamentals Levels I + II 40 CALL CALL CALL
AutoCAD Essentials Level I 20 CALL CALL CALL
AutoCAD Intermediate Level II 20 CALL CALL CALL
AutoCAD Advanced Level III 20 CALL CALL CALL
AutoCAD Speed Drafting Module 8 CALL CALL N/A
AutoCAD 3D Modeling Level IV 20 CALL CALL CALL
AutoCAD Complete Levels I + II + III or IV 60 CALL CALL CALL
*CBT Annual Pass only available to students who have taken one or more courses with us.
3DS MAX Fundamentals 32 CALL CALL  
3DS MAX Advanced 32 CALL CALL  
Autodesk Revit Architecture Fundamts. 4-day 32 CALL CALL  
Autodesk Revit Architecture Complete 5-day 40 CALL CALL  
Autodesk Revit MEP 32 CALL CALL  
Maya 3D Fundamentals 32 CALL CALL  
Maya 3D Advanced 32 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD Integration with 3DS MAX 16 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD Integration with Maya 3D 16 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD I + 3DS MAX I and Photoshop I 60 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD I + Illustrator I+II + Photoshop I + II 60 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD for Architects Add-on Module 16 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD for Engineers Add-on Module 16 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD for the Fashion Industry Add-on Module 16 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD Integration with Revit 16 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD Portfolio Workshop 40 CALL CALL  
AutoCAD 3D Printing (requires 3D modeling) 20 CALL CALL  
Autodesk Inventor Fundamentals 32 CALL CALL  
Autodesk Civil 3D 32 CALL CALL  
*Module courses must be taken as an add-on to another course, such as Fundamentals.

**Live Online Courses are given by a live trainer via online classroom, are fully hands-on, interactive and are the same as the Live Classroom courses.


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