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AUTOCAD CLASS IN NYC - AutoCAD Complete - Gain Maximum Production Speed and Mastery.


The AutoCAD complete course is the recommended course for beginning or returning drafters or professionals who want to learn the program and achieve the maximum productivity, speed and efficiency with AutoCAD. You will learn the basic, intermediate, and advanced drafting tools, including the most efficient strategies and methodology that will help you be the number one drafter in your company, or a much faster architect or engineer. You will learn how to use the master-level AutoCAD skills, secret shortcuts, expert-level tools, faster work methods, automation processes and more, that will allow you to increase your work speed up to 500%+ (work up to five times faster) and automate your work saving up to 90%+ of required work (*).

This training allows users to save virtually up to 3 – 40+ hours of work per project when using consistently the tools learned in the complete course.

Course contents have been expertly streamlined and simplified, to deliver exactly what you need to quickly use AutoCAD. To save your valuable time, we removed from the main training, the tools that are never used by 99.9% of users, and we have moved them to video training resources you can access anytime in case that any of the optional tools are ever needed. This approach minimizes live training time, speeds up your learning of the tools you actually need, greatly reducing the effort and learning curve typically required to learn AutoCAD.
This "best-practice" and "best-of-breed" approach allows us to give you the lowest available price in the industry, for certification-level, live training.

Extensive hands-on practice allows the student to become quickly proficient with the software. The official certification books and printed materials used during the training provide ample expert support, ensuring retention of the skills acquired during class. Our Video training course accessible 24/7 online allows students to refresh their training anytime they need or gain supplemental expertise that is not covered during the live training.

This official certification-level course is only offered at Autodesk Authorized Training Centers and universities in the U.S., ensuring that the student is learning the latest, most updated version of the Autodesk-authorized training in the U.S., published by Rand/Gilmore/Ascent, Platinum Autodesk partner and the only official Autodesk courseware publisher in the U.S.

PRO Trainers IT uses Autodesk Official Training Guides to help AutoCAD students prepare for the Autodesk AutoCAD Certification exams.

AutoCAD Complete - 6 days - 48 hours Live Training + 24 hours of online content.

The AutoCAD® Complete guides teach you how to be proficient in your use of the AutoCAD® software.

This course has the following contents:

AutoCAD Basics
AutoCAD Intermediate
AutoCAD Advanced


  • A working knowledge of basic design/drafting procedures and terminology.
  • A working knowledge of your operating system.

(*) Maximum possible results are usually for starting or average CAD drafters, after sufficient practice and when using regularly the techniques taught during the training. Results may vary.





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